Boooook Laaaaaaunch

Thursday, 5 November 2015
ICA Theatre, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH

An evening of performance, music and film in the ICA Theatre to celebrate the launch of Boooook: The Life and Work of Bob Cobbing (ed. William Cobbing and Rosie Cooper, Occasional Papers 2015). Participating artists include: Paula Claire, Bob Cobbing (documentation of performances), Oscar Gaynor, Henrik Heinonen, Will Holder, Rahel Kraft, Hugh Metcalfe, Holly Pester, Heather Phillipson and David Toop.

This evening features performances from members of all the music and performance groups that Bob was involved in: Paula Claire (Konkrete Canticle), David Toop (abAna), and Hugh Metcalfe (Birdyak). They last performed together at the ICA on the occasion of Cobbing’s 70th birthday party on 6 August, 1990.

‘Boooook Laaaaaaunch’ also includes contributions by many people that, over the past few years, have contributed to an ongoing programme of live events across the UK in celebration of Cobbing’s oeuvre: Will Holder, Oscar Gaynor, Henrik Heinonen and Holly Pester.

The evening will be punctuated by audio interruptions from Heather Phillipson, and screenings of documentation of Bob Cobbing performing his own works.

Boooook: the Life and Work of Bob Cobbing will be available to purchase on the night, for the first time, at a special launch price of £15.

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