Forthcoming Titles

Seeing Things: Collected Writing on Art, Craft and Design
Alison Britton’s essential anthology – back by popular demand in a new and updated edition.

Off the Grid: Histories of Graphic Design in Belgium
Collected essays and interviews on the history of graphic design in Belgium.
Interviews with Sophie Alouf, Rob Buytaert, Boudewijn Delaere, Paul Ibou and Herman Lampaert. Essays by Jan Ceuleers, Jo De Baerdemaeker, Sara De Bondt, Richard Hollis, Pia Jacques and Leroy Meyer, Jean-Michel Meyers, Hilde Pauwels, Katarina Serulus and Katrien Van Haute.
Edited by Sara De Bondt.

En-Suites Available
Sarah Horn’s En-Suites Available is a unique album of photographs depicting hotel facades and their signage in the coastal town of Blackpool, c. 2011. Strung together, the images form a poetic archive of escapism and packaged leisure, a sourcebook of popular imagination.


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