Exhibition Reviews Annual 2014-15

Exhibition Reviews Annual 2014–15


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The first annual International Awards for Art Criticism were held in Shanghai in November 2014. The most open and generously endowed Awards of their kind, they provide a fascinating insight into the range of international contemporary writing about art. As a record of some of the best entries of the 2014–15 Awards competition, this book serves as a chronicle of the year’s contemporary art exhibitions taking place around the world.

Bilingual English/Chinese

Jury Members: JJ Charlesworth (J.J.查尔斯沃斯), 卢迎华 (Carol Yinghua Lu), Karen Smith (凯伦·史密斯), Richard Vine (理查德·韦恩), Rachel Withers (瑞秋·威瑟斯), 易英 (Yi Ying)

Prize Winners: 苏伟 (Su Wei), 张涵露 (Zhang Hanlu), Joobin Bekhrad (裘宾·贝克哈尔德)

Selected Entries in Chinese: 李思思 (Li Sisi), 刘旭俊 (Liu Xujun), Dr. Roger Mandle (罗杰·满德), 翟月 (Qu Yue), 吴蔚 (Wu Wei), 武漠 (Wu Mo), 杨北辰 (Yang Beichen), 周昕 (Zhou Xin)

Selected Entries in English: Kayla Anderson (凯拉·安德生), Andrew Brighton (安德鲁·布莱顿), Rachel Dedman (瑞秋·戴德曼), Natasha Degen (娜塔莎·德根), Ellen C. Feiss (艾伦·C·菲斯), Roos van der Lint (卢斯·凡·德·林特), Iris Xinru Long (龙星如), Maija Rudovska (玛嘉·鲁道夫丝卡), Jonathan P. Watts (乔纳森·P·瓦兹)

220 × 300 mm, 112 pp.

Softcover, two colours


ISBN 978-0-9929039-4-7