The Master Builder: Talking with Ken Briggs

The Master Builder: Talking with Ken Briggs

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‘A highly entertaining read on a spiky yet endearing man whose work, even if you are unfamiliar with his name, you will no doubt have seen.’ ­– Grafik

The book details a conversation between graphic designers Sara De Bondt, Fraser Muggeridge and Ken Briggs, the influential yet under-recognised designer of posters and programme brochures for London’s National Theatre in the 1960s and 1970s. Briggs’ designs for the National Theatre captured the tumultuous zeitgeist of the period while finding innovative formal ways to convey the radicalism of the Theatre’s productions. This mix of innovation and timelessness makes Briggs’ work a milestone in British graphic design history, and a model for contemporary designers. The Master Builder contains full-colour reproductions of some of Brigg’s most memorable programme covers and layouts, as well as a complete biography.

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Edited and designed by Sara De Bondt and Fraser Muggeridge

Softcover, full colour

130 × 230 mm, 24 pp.


ISBN 978-0-9562605-0-5